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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  March 24, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> hello. this is outside source. the number of covid-19 cases globally has passed 400,000. here are the headlines from around the world. in the u.k., conference center is being transformed into a field hosp public health service cope when the virus piques. the world health organization warns the u.s.ould become the xt epicenter of the outbreak, but president trump is insisting a coul be business as usual soon. in ily, there has been another spike in deaths after two daysth in which the d rate had fallen. a nationwide lockdown has come into effect in india. the prime minister's orders -. per orders one point 3
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billion people to stay-at-home to stop the virus from spreadg. >> to save india, and every indian, to save you in your family from midnight tight, it will be a total ban on venturing out of your homes. >> after lots of speculation, confirmation the tokyo olympics will be posoned until next year. ♪ >> welcome to this edition of outside source. the coronavirus pandemic is in just the past couple ofeds. hours, the number of infections worldwide past 400,000. just two days ago, that figure stood at 300,000. we will have updates from countries across the world.
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went to bring you up-to-date with developments in the u.k. wherthe death toll has risen sharply in the past 24 hours. 87 people have died since yesterday. this brings the total to 422. this is the biggest one-day rise. in the last few hours, the government has announced a field hospital will bed in east london with help of the military. it is being rned into the nightingale hospital. it will have two wards for up to 4000 people. at a briefing elier, the u.k. health secretary annnced more staff would be returning to the >> the call we made at the weekend for people to return to the nhs has beencc incredibly sful so far. so far, 11,788 people have answered the call. 200 -- 2660 doctors, over two
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and a half thousand other professionals and pharmacist and 6147 nurses. i pay tribute to each -- to the nhs at its hour of need. in addition, from next week, 5500 final your medics and 18,700 final year studentse n will move to the front line to plmake sure we have the pwe need in our nhs to respond to the crisis. >> the u.k. has spent its fst day under tough coronavirus restrictions after prime minister boris johnson declared a national emergency and ordered everyone to stay-at-home. let's remind of ours -- ourselves of the restrictions. vthey ay limiting. you can only lead your home for limited purpos such as going shopping for basic necessities.
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you can go outside for one form of exercise each day either alone or members of your household. you can leave home for any you need ed or if care for a vulnerable person. you can travel to and from work but only where absolutely necessary and onf yout can work from home. jonathan blake who is monitoring this from westminster. let's stt with what the health secretary has announced. a new hospital and many more people returning back to the nhs. >> the focus from the government's point ofiew today wa on protecting the nhs and making sure it has the resources it needs to deal with the coronavirus crisis. most strikingly, the announced it was creating a temporary hospital at the excel hicenter, and tion venue in to 400,000 patients.ill house up
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it will be staffed by members of the armed forces and nhs medical staf we do not know the detail of what sort of patients will be eated there. whether they will be coronavirus patients or patients move elsewhere from the nhs to free that is happening now. that will be set up in the coming days and weeks. there was also the call for volunteers. the governmentants to recruit 250,000 people to help the nhs. they will mostly be involved in delivering supplies, medical supplies as well as food supplieso the one and a half million people who have been contacted by the nhs in the last day or so who are most at risk. very vulnerable people who the government wants to stay-at-home completely to shield themselves entirely for the next 12 weeks. as you ao heard, the health secretary outlining many thousands of people who recently
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retired from the nhs and also those who were about to qualify as doctors and nurses have vonteered to come forward and work in hospitals through this crisis. that is very much the focus today. still big questions about the clarity of government advice after the prime minister's address to the nation last night. >> when it comes to the beginning to be out on the streets this grouping any large groupings of people? dowhat powerhey have? >> they do not quite have the power yet before some parliamentary business has to be done at westminster. they have been out and about stopping people, reminding them ofhe guidelines. when necessary, asking people to disperse. we heard tonight there will be 700 officers of the titish transp police out and about on the realnetworks reminding people they should only bein dr if it is -- should only be traveling if it is necessary.
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>> that is the situation in the united kingdom. let's turn to the hunted states. today, the world health organion warned the u.s. ha the potential to become the epicenter of the pandemic. so far, there have been almos ,000 confirmed cases across the united states. 600 ople have died. despite those numbers and the warning from the who, president trump is insisting the country will very sn get back to siness. four americans l under one in statewide lockdowns. >> america will again and soon be open for business ve soon. a lot soonerth thae or four months somebody was suggesting. we cannot let t cure be worse an the problem itself. we are not going to let the core
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be than the problem. >> new york has more than 25,000 cases. that is more than half of the total across the united states. to put that into context, this is a tweet o fro reporter from the new york times from state is virtuallywithew york italy, aching that comparison with italy. both countries have 105 confirmed cases per00,000 residents. it is worthng bean mind that new york state is less densely populated than italy and is also two weeks behind italy. the governor of new york has warned the number of cases has been doubling every three days. and at the peak of the infection could come in two to three weeks. here is theayor of new york, bill de blasio. >> this isap mal again to the federal government to ensure we get a lot more. we need thousands of more
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ventilators in new york city to stay ahead the curve of the disease and save lives. >> awayrom new york, some clinic in the u.s. have warned they are facing closure because they are running out of equipment including masks and surgical gowns. one ofy them is the open c community health center based in minnesota. >> committee health centers are essential frontline providers in their response, preparation and prevention of covid-19. as you are aware, covid-19 has caused a widespread shortage of personal protective equipmt. >> let's get more on president trump's comments. >>as he been reinforcing the talking about peopurningmedia. to work. talking about the phrase, the cure being worse and the problem itself. what he references some people saying it is going to be three or four months. that was him saying that.
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it was him saying july and august potentially just a week ag now he is disowning that analysis and sadisti suggesting the country should be gettingrk back to uicker than that. there is no evidence we're arere anywear the top of the cone. if you look athat is going on in new york, they are projecting they will have 140 thousand cases in new york. they say they are desperately short of the equipment to treat those. the government has asked all hospitals in new york, every hospital in the state of new york, to increase its bed numbers by 50%. as a mandatory order. >> that is the situation in the united states.let's turn to inde country is in lockdown. a fightming into impacting 1.3 billion people.
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thetr rtions will be enforced for 21 days. here is the prime minister of speaking. >> to save india and every indian, to save yound your family, from midnight tonight, there will be a toinl ban on vent out from your homes. >> stricter ctainment measures follow a sharp increase in coronavirus ces in india. 519 people are known to be infected. 10 people have died. i caught up with a reporter in delhi shoul -- in delhi. >> the lockdown hasbe jusn. it is going to be on for 21 days. it is a mammoth task for authorities to impose the lockdown. it is a population of 1.3 billion people. keeping them indoors for 21 day is not goi to be easy. so p far, theple have responded well to the appeal of the prime minister.
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veas we know, l indian states and union territories have already been in lockdown for the last few days. people are getting used two it. i am told by many people i've spoken to they will abide by the thorities appeal and will try to stay indoors. >> are the appeals clear? are the rule clear as to what people have to do? >> when he addressed the nation for half an hour, he tried to exploit -- to explain every bit. he did say what kind of people are going to be exempted from this rule. he talked about the oath care officials and medics -- the health care officials and medics, the media and people who are dealing with essentialse ices be exempt.
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he did try to explain everything. largely, he said the entire population needs to stay indoors. he appealed to people not to violate the rules. he did sayke it will be nationwide curfew, which means the police are going to implement it to enforce iarand if peopl still violating the rules, they might fined or arrested. >> the situation in india. coronavirus is th only story we are focusing o the numr of infections worldwide has passed 400,000 tws ago, the number stood at 300,000. italy is the latest country to enforce a nationwide lockdown. other aspects of the pandemic we are concentring on, china is lifting its lockdown in wuhan. hethe city the global outbreak began. the restrictions will be eased
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fr the eighth of april. healthy people who have received a green code on theit phone app be allowed to leave the city. one case was reported in wuhan today. let's bring you up-to-date with the situation in spain. the death toll has jumpedmo by than 500 in one single day as the situation in the country quickly worsens. there are nowt alm,000 recorded cases. this is up from over 33,000 yesterday. as you can see more than around 2800 people have died. this makespain the worst affected country in europe after italy. emergency measures are in place including the construction of aakeshift hospital in a conference center and an ice rink, which is being temporarily used as a morgue. >> the important thing is the
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jump in the number of deaths each day is getting bigger. the previous gems had been 462. over the last 24 hours, itas been 514. you can see the number is going up. authorities want to see that taper off. have windows this week is going to be a q. week -- a key week in the fight against the virus. they said were going to see possibly a continuation of the increase in deaths and that those kind of jumps. they have alsod s they are hoping the restrictive measures they introduced a over a we across the country are going to start bearing some fruit. so hopefullyithin a few days, we might start to see the numbers start to taper off slightly >> let's ho so. i want to tell you aboua sad development. spai's defense minister s
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staff at some ca homes actually left of those homes after the virus wasetected. the minister goes on to say the army during certain visits found that some older people were comptely abandoned. devastatingly, sometimes they were even found dead in their ds. let's get back. >> the chief prosecutor is announcing annvestigation into all of this. it is notlear how many retirement homes this has happened in and where exactly they are. our correspondenteen. updating us from rome, describing it as a med b when it comes to the figures in italy. deaths are up again. the toll going up from 601 to 743. the daily increase in infections is falling again. now down to just over 7%. a tric increase in death but
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also a continued slowing of new it is starting to look like a trend. if we look at it on a graph, the orange bar you're looking at is the number of new cases. they did g bo ua little fraction today. the blue line we are looking atp is tcentage rate of the increase. that is slowly going down. that is trending downwards. stheict measures the italian government has taken should push that number even lower. one journalist from bloomberg has been tweeting that italy a enforced lockdown two weeks ago and many of the patients who di in recent day actually contracted the infection before that absolute lockdown. he adds we should see the effect of that lockdown on the number of hospitals, intensive care unit admissions and patientsnt polly soon in some time.
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let's have a look at other countries across europe. they are going to be watching these figures very closely in order to shape their own responses. these are some of the latest pictures from rome. let's have a look at what is happening. empty streets. police checks intensifying. helicopters flying over the city sure people are iding byhe strict measures. let's go to the local mayor in the south of italy. a few days ago telling a man he must respect the decree and go home otherwise the police will come and use force. mayors around italy have beenei venting frustration vocally in online videos. >> y must stay-at-home, don't you understand people are dying? more than 400 people a day are dying. ing. iand you aisting on trying to find tricks to dodge the law and leave your home? >> lots of videos of italian
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mayors speaking about this. >> the prime minister tonight has spoken a he has said he hopes veryn s be able to ease those restrictions in italy. fine for violating the ruleshe will be increased, going up from a maximum of 206 euros to 3000 euros. at is about three and a half thousand dollars. a bigike in fines to eat or people from going out of their house and going around without justification. this is a critical week in italy. if the downward trend in new infections continues, the italiagovernment will be able to say that their sacrifices .e paying o all around europe, they will w beching the figures in italy. let's turn to france. the death toll has passed 1000.
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keepountry struggling to up with the speed. transferring patients to other cities. five doctors have dd from the illness. there are real concerns there are not enough protective equipment from medical staff. >> in places like lose, it is the very ill who are leaving hospital. innsive care units are overflowing. with dozens more critical cases admitted each d, patients are being sent to marseilles, to brittany, even to germany and swzerland in a never ending scramble for beds. one senior of a key life support drug have virtually worn out. >> our health system was not ready for this. i'm not sure there is a health em anywhere that is read fort. the scale of the crisis is bigger tn any system could face.
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the neck and -- the mechanisms we are putting in place are not >> in the hospital car a par military field camp has been set up with 30 intensive care beds. enough to last the hospital a day. the government this week titan quarantine restrictions across the country and introduced a six-month jail sentence for those who regularldo not comply the health ministry has said the epidemic would starthio peek hereweek. a doctor working in the heart of the crisis has described it as u wave moving west and warned it could saturate hospitals in paris within days. >> the situation around europe. now to an announcement that we were all expecting. the tokyo and paralympics will be delayed for a year because of ronavirus. japan's prime minister says he wanted to hold the games by the summer of 2021 at the latest. he said it would be at proof of
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the victorover covid-19. have been delayed cetime.e games the first time tokyo was dum to hold ther olympics was in 1940, but that had to be canceled due to the outbreak ofr the second war. os official twitter account said the presidethe international olympic committee and the prime minister together agreed that olympic games would not be canceled, but they would be delayed until the summer of 2021. here's the president of the tokyo games confirming that. >> canceling the games is no -- what is most important is to provide a safe and secure and spectators. in light of the continuing situation, the holding of the mes is impossible.
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was also agreed is impossible to hold the games by the end of this year. the international olympic commtee has also issued statement about the delay saying it hoped the games couldn tand as a bea hope during these troubled times. for more on that and the mounting pressure on the ioc, here is the former head of marketing at the ioc. olympic torch relay was due to start this thursday, the janese realized it was much better to take the decision everyone was coming to and that is postponement for one year. that way, they do lat start the they can move the lithic flame to tokyo and keep it burning in -- move the olympic flameepo tokyo and t burning in a cauldron. next c summer, theld end up stating the greatest of the games ever because it will be the ultimate celebration of humanity a the world will be
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looking for coming together after these dark times. >> athletes from around the world are going to be disappointed. let's speak to an argentinian olympic sailor joining us live from one of those areas. -- from when i say race. en somebody like yourself has complications from cancer, there was no oer decisio >> we were all expectinghis like you said. what the world and the humanity as goingn is going on these days, you will find far more a medal.t than the desire to win you contin training really hard. u are -- you keep pushing. nowadays, it is clear. the human being is leaving.
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no regrets of what is going on. >> you have two sons who competed in sailing in rio. they were hoping toompete in japan. how do you keep up your spirits? how do you look forward to summer021? >> we havbeen pushing very hard. i stay quiet because i strongly believe things -- i cannot complain. i cannot complain being an athlete waiting to get back to the sea to train. that is irrelevant right now. i train very hard.ery day. i am doing new planning. when will be able to start -- when will bleakley able to -- >> we cannot wait to see you compete. we wh you and your sons the best of luck. to your viewers, thank you so
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